• Virginia, EE.UU
  • November 25, 2022

The boats are one of the best positions that can have a person, especially those who love sailing and be in the middle of the sea. However, like all practices or hobbies it is necessary to always have all the nautical accessories necessary to keep the boat in excellent condition. It can be a bit complicated to find everything that a boat requires but in Nova Argonautica you will have a catalog of more than 8000 thousand products within reach of a click, because it is the largest online boating shop in Europe.
The nautical hatchways
In http://barcos.online you have available all the spare parts and accessories that you look for, with the best quality and always at the best price. They offer you guarantee for up to two years in any of its products, the only online store that has this mode in long distance shipments and online purchases. The value of the shipment is only 4 euros regardless of the weight or size of the package.
You can buy hatches like the following: Gebo Aluminum Anodized hatch 860 x 860 mm, 800 x 800 mm interior, made of 10 mm polycarbonate. It has the style and quality that only the Gebo brand can have. It has a safety latch, which prevents full access. It is a perfect hatch for ventilation, is water resistant and prevents it from completely passing the boat.
Also available are Marine Aluminum Hatchways 560×560 mm, Smoked Methacrylate. It has a 10mm thick glass, very resistant and is ideal to withstand the highest pressure.
Nautical porthole
You also have available the nautical ports such as: Portillo Aluminum Gebo Semiel√≠ptico 375 x 141 mm, Portlight, half elliptic model, Hole mm 375×141, Radius mm 71, Cut-out size mm 400×166, Light 310×76

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