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  • November 26, 2022

In Barcos.Online we have the best deck accessories, we have a wide range of cleats for mooring boat, with different models that suit the needs of any boat. 

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What is a cleat?

The cleats are T-shaped elements that are used for mooring the bit with the rigging boat. It comes in different sizes and models.  

There are many types of nautical cleats, made of wood, metal and iron. They are usually used in recreational boats, because the moorings are finer. 

Boats.Online offers a great variety of cleats or botalones, we have folding cleats made of stainless steel, plastic cleats that are foldable, flat, round, with eyelet, embedded and reinforced cleats, polished. 

Just visit their website and see how many models we have for your boat.  

For smaller draft boats or for light sailing we have plastic or black nylon cleats from 60 mm, special for small ropes.

6 cleats that you can have on your boat.

Buttonhole cleats 152mmx51mm. Cost 38,77€.

It is made of 316 stainless steel. It supports a maximum vertical load of 1814Kg. Screws #10. 

Cleats10″ stainless steel cleat. Price 40,82€.

It is a high quality cleat and very resistant to corrosion in stainless steel 316. 

CleatsCleat 200mm stainless. Price 30,87€.

Cleat made of polished stainless steel AISI 316, comes with 2 anchor fasteners. Measures: 200x55h mm. Measures anchorage: 120×35 mm. 

Flat stainless steel cleat 200mm. Price 28,16€.

This model of flat cleat, is made of polished stainless steel, has 4 fastening anchors. Measurements: 200x60x39h mm. 

Zigzag cleat (2 pcs). Price 10,76€.

Zigzag cleat. It does not need knots. Compatible with ropes up to 13mm.

Nylon clamcleat® cleats for 6-13mm fender. Price 15,82€.

A quick and easy way to hang fenders from any point on the boat. The cleat is permanently attached to the end of the defense so it can not be lost. 

Where can you get them?

Barcos.Online offers a wide range of cleats for you to choose the ideal cleat for your boat. Our products are made by the best European manufacturers and have the seals of quality assurance. 

The products of Barcos Online are sent directly from their manufacturers and you will pay only 4 euros of transport, no matter if your package is big or small. 

Items come with a two year warranty. So, if there is respect for the agreement and your folding cleat or folding cleat are damaged according to the same 

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Their main concern is that you are satisfied with your purchase, if any of their products does not meet your expectations you can make the return for free.

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